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Common Problems And Solutions For Ceramic Tiles

1, the color time of the ceramic tiles will fall for a long time? Does the general ceramic tile have the phenomenon of coloring / coloring or uneven chromaticity?

Answer: the color of ceramic tiles is generally not discoloration! But for a long time, some stains may appear to look old. This main vitrified brick is easier to appear. The problem of color penetration / color penetration or uneven color: this problem will occur. It is mainly due to the fact that the anti pollution treatment of tile is not qualified, which will lead to this problem.


  1. How long will the tiles soaking into the water?

Answer: glazed tile before paving need soaking water, soak time to tile completely soaked in water without risking bubble time, generally about twenty or thirty minutes.


  1. Do you want to lay the tiles on the tiles?

Answer: it is best to keep the seam, which is mainly because of preventing the thermal expansion and contraction of the tiles and causing the broken tiles to reduce the service life of the tiles. The general wall and floor tile with 1-1.5mm can be left. The special effect can increase the distance of the slit.


4, vitrified tile still needs waxing after paving? Is it necessary? What's the advantage of doing this?

Answer: Before paving, checking vitrified tiles has been waxed or not, if no, you need to wax after paving, The effect of waxing is mainly to improve the antifouling performance of ceramic tiles, It is necessary to polish the surface of the wax to increase the bright and tidy surface of the vitrified tile after paving.


  1. The quality standard of the floor tiles plainness?

Answer: the national standard is +/-0.2%, that is, the brick long (millimeter as a unit) *+/-0.2%!


  1. How to choose the tiles according to the color of the house?

Answer: the main factors are: lighting, wall color, furniture color, family members and so on comprehensive consideration, in order to pursue the unity of the overall style!