Penny Black Round & Silver Stainless Steel Metal Over Porcelán Mosaic dlaždice backsplash Walls

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This mosaic tile features a beautiful penny round shaped polished metal veneer over a porcelain body for a tiled effect that also has the modern appeal of cool stainless steel. The small penny sized pieces create an awe inspiring effect when they come together on a large wall or back splash. The tiles are impervious to water and frost resistant for indoor and outdoor wall applications to enhance your kitchen or patio space. The tiles in this sheet are mounted on mesh which allows for an easy installation. Use non-sanded grout only!

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Položka Penny Black Round & Silver Stainless Steel Metal Over Porcelain Mosaic Tile For Backsplash Walls
Modelové číslo 5019-1
Materiál Stainless Steel Over Porcelain
Color family Černá & Silver
rozměr listu 280*305mm
velikost Chip Penny round
povrchová úprava: Brushed aluminum
Tloušťka 8mm
Pattern Modern, contemporary, transitional
Installation Method Non-sanded grout
MOQ 72 m²
OEM / ODM Akceptovat
Balík Neutral cartons and wooden pallets packing


Interiéru a vnější výzdoba
Architectural exterior, interior flooring, wall decoration
Kitchen Backsplash/Bathroom Wall/Office Wall/Home Decor/Fireplace Surround/Commercial/Industrial, atd.


Poznámka Mosaic tiles mounted on mesh backed sheet

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  1. Are the tiles ok for steam shower floor?

These tiles would be fine for a steam shower or any other shower.

  1. Is the tile slippery when wet?

No they are not. The idea behind small tiles on a shower floor is that they have a lot more of the grout lines and those are really what keep you from slipping. So anything 2×2 or smaller is sufficient to prevent most slipping (unless of course you spill a bottle of shampoo or something).

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