• Mosaic art of work

    Now our workshop is going to produce the mosaic muralmosaic furnituremosaic sculpturecustomized mosaic painting. Please contact our business assistant and learn more.
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  • Handcrafted mosaic of abstract painting

    There is no doubt that we would like to put the painting in our house and if there is any possibility to make it into the mosaic painting. The answer is Yes. And please check the more design into our website:Abstract flowers for mosaic.
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  • Sneak Into The Art Behind The Mosaic

    Μωσαϊκό, a small piece of tile used in building to form various decorative patterns. Nowadays, mosaic is gradually integrated into the interior design. The most widely used space for mosaic should be the bathroom in the home. A silver-white mosaic on the wall, combined with the pure white bathroom, is…
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  • Bathroom mosaic mural

    Υπήρχαν τοιχογραφία μπάνιο για μπανιέρα surround για μπάνιο.Έχουν είναι τοιχογραφία των λουλουδιών με χρυσό φόντο.
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  • Handcrafted mosaic for dinning hall

    Here is our latest design project for decoration,please contact me if you are going to find more design.
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  • How to select mosaic tiles

    The background in a work of mosaic art serves two purposes: contrast the colors of the figures in the foreground. suggest motion by arranging the tile in contours around figures.
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  • Purchase of marble tiles

    Purchase of marble tiles The quality of the marble tile texture is natural, compared with natural marble tiles, it is difficult for people to distinguish. When consumers purchase marble tiles, they can distinguish them from the difference in tile color and water absorption. 1, marble tile color is very rich,…
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