Pool tile border

Pool tile border

The pool waistline can cover the ugly waterline pollution. The horizontal horizontal line on the wall of the swimming pool can reduce visual fatigue, divide the space, decorate the effect, use the linear feeling and material, color, can beautify the decoration.

The protective effect, the area where the kick is played, is more susceptible to impact. The waist line can better distinguish the wall, the distance between the ladder and the person, and avoid falling or collision.

In our range of border tiles, you can find the right border design for your pool, which will make your pool very easy to renew.

These border tiles are not only designed for use in swimming pools, but are also ideal for completing the backsplash area around the spa.

It's an affordable product that is durable and easy to install, rejuvenating your pool.

Our border features creative and stylish in pattern designs including geometric motif, ocean wave, and animals. They are produced to make a statement and add highlights to your pool style.