Floor Tile Laying Note What?

1.The laying temperature of the floor tiles should be higher than 10°C. Before laying, floor tiles should be placed face down and placed on the construction site for more than 24 hours so that the floor tile temperature is the same as the room temperature. Laying process should try to keep the room temperature constant.

2, in addition to the square floor tiles, but also can be randomly cut into a variety of shapes such as triangles, rectangles.

3, before laying, first on the ground to draw a cross-shaped baseline. The method is: measure the size of the ground, the core of the ground draws a vertical or horizontal line, and then through the core of this line to make perpendicular Serve. Floor tile oblique shop, then cross the line to be drawn into a 45 ° angle with the original baseline. To get better results, the edge of the floor tiles should be at least half of the floor tiles, such as less than half, you can shift the crosshair 1/2 floor tile width. Floor tile laying from the ground core to the surrounding expansion.