Handcrafted mosaic of Chinese painting for wall decoration

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An ancient art form, when blended with modern techniques, can take on a brand-new and dazzling look; this is especially true with the art of mosaic lacquer painting, which have its root in traditional Chinese culture and imbued with a strong sense of modern art, the art represents a perfect combination of traditional culture and modern high technology, and is hailed as one of the three treasures of traditional art of ancient China, together with Chineseceramicsand silk.

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제품 태그

Backside process:메쉬 후원

Production time:10-15 일

에프acility:우리는 유리 용광로가, 유리 절단기, injet 기계와 대형 절단기와, polishing machine and waterjet machine so on.

자료: You can choose glass or marble(natural stones) or ceramic.

꾸러미:cut into pieces and reload the wooden box or rolled into a tubular reloading wooden box.

The difference between the cutting mosaic and pattern mosaic,please kindly take a look at them as followings

  1. Cut mosaic ask our worker to make the mosaic chips by chips.And cut them into pieces.And gurantee them without gap.
  2. Pattern mosaic also made by hand but have gap.And the assemble them into regular mould.
  3. The effect of cut mosaic looks more charming and eyes catching.

More design for your reference

More design if you need,please be back to me.

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