clear glass block Bathroom Window
clear glass block Bathroom Window
clear glass block Bathroom Window
clear glass block Bathroom Window
clear glass block Bathroom Window
karaihe mārama Matapihi poraka Bathroom

Glass Block rescues your shower without remodeling the entire wall!

Many homes have windows in the shower or bath with wood trim. Glass Block can replace your existing window with glass block. The wood moldings around your existing window can also be removed and replaced with attractive waterproof trim in either Corian or ceramic tile. This can save you thousands of dollars, because it eliminates the need to remodel your entire shower.

Real Glass Block in an easy to install package. Installation problems on new as well as remodeling projects are simplified with the convenience of a nail up vinyl frame.

Taipitopito hua Urupare inaianei

Glass Block Bathroom Window

Tūemi: Glass blocks bathroom window
Model Number ICE-SHADOW
Rauemi: Glass
rahinga: 190x190mm
matotoru: 80mm
Shipping: 5~10days lead time. By vessel,DHL/TNT/FedEx express, air freight etc.
Colour: Blue, purple, green, gray, brown, red, orange, yellow, transparent,clear, etc.
Delivery & Service: Timely delivery each time. Provide reliable service . Provide construction suggestions and solutions. Our target is to satisfy every customer with the best service.
MOQ 1000piece
Mōkī Standard cartons packing

6piece/cartons; 14KG/cartons;0.19CMB;



washing room, window, home, dinning room, sittingroom, toilet, balcony,

C ommercial space, bedroom

HInterior and outside decoration, wall and floor.
Project movie theater,disco,bar,club,hotel,library,showroom.ect


Te take a nga kaihoko:

Nga Hua e Hono Ana:


We are trading company with our own factories,and we have been in field of building glass, mosaic tiles and marble fieldfor more than 20 years.
We have rich experiences in trading aboard and know much about trading terms.
Not only for this we will provide the buying servicefrom all over the world.


A:Nga waahanga me nga tono?

P:Please refer the size sheet:

rahinga Nga waahanga me nga tono
L(mm) W(mm) matotoru(mm)
190 190 80 Te rahi e tika ana, whanui me te reo, ka taea te whakatutuki i nga hiahia whaanui, he pereki angamaheni mo nga taiepa rereke, wehenga, me era atu whare. He pereki karaihe rite me te tae katoa me te whakamahi i te kaainga me te ao.
240 240 80 He nui rawa te waahanga kei roto, a he mea ngawari ki te pupuri i te whānuitanga o te papanga o te pakitara. He maamaa, he maamaa hoki, he ataahua hoki te ahua o te mahi. He mea tino pai mo te pakitara-nui-nui me te paparahi puahi, ina koa ki etahi atu taipitopito.
190 190 95 Taumaha, tūturu, pumau, te rahi-rahi, haumaru me te pono, e tika ana mo nga momo putu katoa e kitea ana, tautoko i nga pakitara o-whare o-waho, me etahi atu taiepa wehe. Maara kari, ngā wāhi noho o runga, me nga pakitara o waho o nga whare tūmatanui penei. .
145 145 95(80) He ataahua me te ataahua, he mea pai mo te whakamahinga i nga pakitara o nga umanga me nga waahanga tari-nui. Ko te rauemi pakitara rongonui rawa atu ki nga whenua ke (tino i roto i Japan).
115 115 80 Ko te putanga putea o te pereki karaihe, from the Mulia Group, e whakamahia ana me te 240 * 240 * 80mm pereki karaihe. He maamaa te whakahoahoa me te mea nui te mana.

How to install glass block?

When you've laid all your blocks, remember to leave the mortar to set for about an hour and then smooth out all the joints. Use panel grout (if your mortar is a dirty colour, or the wall is for a shower) and finish it off with silicone sealant where the bricks meet the frame.


Hipanga 1

When the mortar has set, twist off the tabs on the spacers and smooth the joints with a striking tool. This compacts the mortar and creates a moisture-resistant seal. After striking, all the joints should be full of mortar.

Hipanga 2

If you're building the wall for a shower, rake some of the mortar out of the joints with a small trowel to leave a depth of 10mm. Then leave it for 24 haora. (You can also do this if your mortar isn't white, and you want a white finish.)

Hipanga 3

The next day, fill the joints with white panel grout, and mould and compact them with a striking tool. Leave for another 1-2 haora, then wipe the surface with a clean, soft cloth.

Hipanga 4

Add a silicone sealant in continuous beads where the blocks join the frame at the top, sides and bottom on both sides of the wall.

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