Handcrafted Mosaic for wall
I hangaia e Mohi te perehana mo te pakitara

Beautifully designed mosaic art inspired by flower paintings.Jusr need you to provide the size of pannel you have.Then we are going to put the drawings accoding to your size.Our flower print to use as a template, luminous art glass in appropriate colors, clear drying glue, grout, instructions and a glass nipper tool.

Taipitopito hua Urupare inaianei

I hangaia e Mohi te perehana mo te pakitara


Rahi: Design can be customized as to size and/ or colors
matotoru: 4mm
Applicable scene Uses and display locations are unlimited!
Backside process: Mesh backing
Production time: 10-15 Days
Whare: Kei a matou nga oumu karaihe, miihini tapahi karaihe, miihini injet me te miihini tapahi nui, polishing machine and waterjet machine so on.
Rauemi: You can choose glass or marble(natural stones) or ceramic.
Mōkī: cut into pieces and reload the wooden box or rolled into a tubular reloading wooden box.


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