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Mosaic tiles,one of ancient art which will bring you different beauty

Mosaic is one of the ancient decorative arts, is a Mosaic art, the use of small chips or small pieces of pottery put together a pattern.In modern Mosaic is a kind of ceramic tile.It is the material of laid metope, ground, what we are common is used in toilet decorate useful arrive.

Mosaics are made of traditional marble, pebbles, glass blocks, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and enamel.


Mosaic tiles have the advantage of being resistant to wear and stains, as well as being highly moisture resistant and suitable for the humidity conditions in the bathroom or kitchen.After installation, there is basically no need for maintenance, usually with a rag dipped in soapy water for simple cleaning.Small tile Mosaic tile composition, contact area is relatively rough.So the non-slip sex of Mosaic ceramic tile is very good, toilet decorates often choose it.At the same time the Mosaic of small size brings a person the illusion of a kind of outspread space, the toilet that lets small area looks more capacious.If want Mosaic ceramic tile to achieve better sealing between joint, can add the United States to sew in ceramic tile seam agent.

The material of Mosaic is rich and colour change is much, evolve gradually from traditional small stone grain to be made with a variety of material such as shell, porcelain piece, metal, glass as raw material.It is easy to find the decoration you need, such as color gradient, two-color or multi-color, matte or shiny, different styles and atmosphere are possible.

You can even use Mosaic tiles to make your own designs.In your living room, collage your TV background with patterns or color gradients of your choice.Strong personality, others can not copy out, is your own decoration.Do not like large area of decoration can also do local.Divide for example in metope among, do a Mosaic to take.

When decorating, besides the design and color that chooses oneself to like and style do collage besides, also want to consider Mosaic and circumstance articles for use harmonious collocation.If the color of Mosaic and other household act the role of article or furniture echo, integral adornment effect can exceed your expectation.