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  • Clear glass block

Clear glass block

  • side color glass block in shower curved wall

    Hollow glass block in shower curved wall   Product Hollow glass block in shower curved wall Size 190*190*80mm, 190*190*95mm, 145*145*90mm, 145*145*80mm, 240*240*80mm, 240*115*80mm Color Clear, Bronze, Grey, Green, light Blue, Dark Blue, black, yellow, purple, pink, etc Application Decorative, building, etc         Feature Previous to light but not transparent Sound insulating High thermal…
  • clear glass block Bathroom Window

    Glass Block Bathroom Window Item: Glass blocks bathroom window Model Number: ICE-SHADOW Material: Glass size: 190x190mm Thickness: 80mm Shipping: 5~10days lead time. By vessel,DHL/TNT/FedEx express, air freight etc. Colour: Blue, purple, green, gray, brown, red, orange, yellow, transparent,clear, etc. Delivery & Service: Timely delivery each time. Provide reliable service .…
  • Bathroom floor Porcelain Wood Tile

    Bathroom floor Porcelain Wood Tile are extremely durable and durable because they withstand typical wear and do not fade when exposed to direct sunlight or artificial light. Unlike wood, wood plank ceramic tile can hardly be sunken or scratched by protecting the underlying wear layer of the photographic layer. This…
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