Artistic Mosaic Tile Giraffe Mural For Bathroom
Artistic Mosaic Tile Giraffe Mural For Bathroom

Artistic Mosaic Tile Giraffe Mural with the multicolored drops cascade to the ground, where they turn into another kind of mosaic called glass mosaic. The large yellow and orange neck on each side of the doorway are ancient symbols. They have been used in New Mexican painting, sculpture, furniture, and architecture for hundreds of years, and these traditions continue in the present. In this mosaic, they are a symbol of blossoming life after it rains.

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Artistic Mosaic Tile Giraffe Mural For Bathroom



Backside process: Mesh backing
Production time: 10-15 Days
Facility: We have glass furnaces, glass cutting machine, injet machine and with big cutting machine, polishing machine and waterjet machine so on.
Material: You can choose glass or marble(natural stones) or ceramic.
Package: cut into pieces and reload the wooden box or rolled into a tubular reloading wooden box.
difference between the cutting mosaic and pattern mosaic,please kindly take a look at them as followings:
Cut mosaic ask our worker to make the mosaic chips by chips.And cut them into pieces.And gurantee them without gap.
Pattern mosaic also made by hand but have gap.And the assemble them into regular mould.
The effect of cut mosaic looks more charming and eyes catching.


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