porcelain floor tile for wall floor
porcelain floor tile for wall floor
porcelain floor tile for wall floor
porcelain floor tile for wall floor
porcelain floor tile for wall floor
porcelain floor tile for wall floor

Porcelain floor tile for wall floor featuring original and innovative design to meet any style need. A wide range of colours, from natural and pastel tints to lively and marked shades, glossy and satin surfaces, various sizes. Floral and geometrical decors, romantic or minimalist designs to satisfy different tastes and create unique and personalised bathrooms.


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porcelain floor tile for wall floor

Product Overview

Item:Ceramic tiles for walls floor

Material: ceramic


Size: 115mmX200mmX230mm

Shape: Square

Surface treatment: Glossy, semi-glossy

Craft type:Square shape, hexagonal shape; Patterns, animal patterns, plant design, abstract design,Solid color...

Applicable scene:bathroom, shower, kitchen, restaurant, Walls, floor...

Production time: it will take some time to produce (approx. 1weeks) .


Inner packaging carton,The outer packaging is made of wooden pallets, and the wooden pallets are charged separately.

payment method:T/T; Western Union; PayPal,etc.


Shipping costs will be determined by size, type, and location.


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What is the price of your tiles?

To be honest, It is the point you may be most concerned. Tiles ranges large.Please contact us and find more prices

How can I get the samples?

You can. Samples are for free but freight is on your party.

What if I want a shape or color that I don’t see?

Tell us. Handmade pattern tiles can be customized. We love experimenting with new colors and shapes, so we are ready to any challenge.

Does color affect the price of the tile?

The cost of our tile remains the same per square foot if you select one color, or if you choose a blend of several, so don’t let the idea of price limit your options when choosing your custom design.

Will the glaze color fade in the sunlight?

We use only the most reliable and high integrity glazes, so if your tile is installed and sealed correctly, it will not fade in the sunlight.


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