Dark blue pool Glazed swimming pool glass tile
Dark blue pool Glazed swimming pool glass tile
Dark blue pool Glazed swimming pool glass tile
Dark blue pool Glazed swimming pool glass tile
Dark blue pool Glazed swimming pool glass tile

Glazed Mosaics is a blue glass tile series available in Matte primarily used for swimming pool, bathroom floors and walls.

The glazed mosaic is a small piece of tile used in the building for various decoration. It is made of artificial crystals of various colors (including 24% lead oxide). The blank is formed by semi-dry pressing and crystal dewaxing casting. Art works made by sintering at high temperatures. The granules are fired at a high temperature of 1300 degrees to form a melting edge. The surface is bright and lustrous, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant. CaO, Fe2O3 and the like are sometimes used as coloring agents in the mud, and the color is bright, and the effect is superior to other materials.

This process can be completed with dozens of manual and meticulous operations, and a slight negligence can cause failure or embarrassment. The beauty of the pearls is like the beauty of jade. It combines creativity and ingenuity. It not only has traditions but also modern Chinese cultural characteristics, letting the light of the glass play and creating the beauty of multi-colored art of life. Chinese glaze is the perfect combination of ancient Chinese culture and modern art. Its brilliance and splendor are the exquisite, delicate and subtle expression of the oriental people. It is the fusion of thought, emotion and art.

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Dark blue pool Glazed swimming pool glass tile



Item: dark blue pool Glazed swimming pool glass tile
Surface treatment: Glossy or matte
lose piece size: 48x48mm
Cheep size: 300x300mm
Thickness: 8mm
Gap: 1.5MM
Installation: Net
Package: Neutral cartons packed with pallets.
Facility: We have glass furnaces, glass cutting machine, injet machine and with big cutting machine, polishing machine and water jet machine so on.
Material: Glazed glass

1.Bright color, melted edges, smooth edges to avoid injury during use.
2.The material is transparent,is not easy to break
3.Anti-fouling, wear-resistant


Detailed size are as follows:

A 20x20x8mm F 32x60x8mm K 24/28x35x8mm
B 20x42x8mm G 42x42x8mm L 25x28x8mm
C 25x25x14mm H 25x50/23x10mm M 25x8mm
D 10x42x8mm I 16/32x42x8/10mm N 20x8mm
E 50x60x8mm J 20x50x8mm O 20x20x12mm

The lifetime of our mosaic tile:

Does this material fade and discolor?

The color in the glass is made by 1300-degrees- high-temperature furnace, and there is no fading or oxidation.

The color is completely blended. It will not fade or discolor any environment.

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