Glass swimming pool tiles
Glass swimming pool tiles
Glass swimming pool tiles
Glass swimming pool tiles
Glass swimming pool tiles

Glass swimming pool tiles

Crystal glass mosaic is made of high whiteness flat glass, which is processed by high temperature and melted into colorful mosaics of various styles and specifications.

A sumptuous mix of 4 shades of blue in the popular 25x 25 mm glass mosaic format.

glossy glass mosaic tiles in the popular brick format - ideal for bathrooms, showers, wet areas, kitchens. Ideal as a standalone product such as feature walls, or try cutting into borders between large format wall tiles.

Due to the special properties of glass, its unique transparent and clear glass characteristics, crystal clear, bright and beautiful, beautiful and colorful, is very suitable for swimming pools, producing rich stereoscopic vision under different lighting effects. You can make the most of your imagination in the design and create a beautiful combination of space.

If in doubt, we will supply a sample.

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Product Overview

Item: ceramic swimming pool floor tiles

Surface treatment: Glossy or matte

lose piece size:25x25mm

Cheep size:300x300mm



11 pieces equals 1 square meter


Weight1m2= 8KG

Package:Neutral cartons packed with pallets.

22 pieces / carton, 2 square / carton, 16KG / carton.

Material:Crystal glass



Its characteristics are non-toxic, non-radioactive, alkali-resistant, acid-resistant, temperature-resistant, wear-resistant, waterproof, high-hardness, non-fading, etc. It can be almost achieved by many strict requirements on decorative materials.

A wide range of colors, can be put together a large number of different combinations, high decorative; small shape, can be paved on different curved surfaces

Rounded edge design, used in the swimming pool to avoid scratching the foot during use.

Can be customized in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.

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Can I have samples of your tile?

You can. you can purchase an individual sample by visiting any tile page.

Are your products available ex-stock? (in stock)

Yes they are usually available. We have 70,000m2 of tiles in stock for in and around your pool. If they aren’t available, we will normally have a close alternative that will meet your needs.

How much is your tile?

Our tile ranges in cost per square foot, depending on the shape you order. When you browse our tile products, retail pricing is published for each pattern within the collections.

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