indoor glazed floor ceramic wood  tile
indoor glazed floor ceramic wood tile

Wood-grained tiles are ceramic tiles with decorative effects on the surface of natural wood texture. They are divided into glazed tiles and split tile. The former adopts a screen printing process or a ceramic flower paper method to obtain a wood grain pattern on the surface of the product, and the latter uses two or more kinds of blanks which are burned and then have different colors, and they are spirally mixed by a vacuum screw extruder. The wood-like texture formed by cutting the exit is then used to open the tile of the monolithic product. With the improvement of the process, the wood grain tile products are very mature. According to the surface glossiness, in addition to the traditional matt wood grain tiles, they can be divided into glossy wood grain tiles and soft light wood grain tiles.

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Product parameter

indoor glazed floor ceramic wood tile

Material: Ceramic

Water absorption : 6-8%. Ceramic tile

Size: 150x800mm ceramic tile that looks like hardwood

Finish :Wooden Look Rustic Glazed Floor Tile with Mode

Usage: Interior and Exterior Floor Tiles

Delivery Time: Within 10-15days for stock, 30days for production against the down payment.


This rustic wood tile has three different surfaces. It is the wooden look rustic tile. If you like more colors and designs, we also can provide you according to your requirements. It can be used in kitchen, bathroom, living room, household rooms, aisle etc as interior or outside floor tiles.

It also can be used in house flooring, super market, shopping mall, warehouse flooring, etc. The best tile is for hotel lobby flooring, airport, project and so on.

Technical characteristics

Adopt international advanced ceramic cloth exquisite processing technology, selected high quality pure raw materials, on the product body, with moist and gorgeous color, microcomputer total precision control, multiple temperature control forming technology create gorgeous

texture HD grain boundary, bottom dense embryo thicker, pure texture, deduces the natural dynamic form of change, also make products with high hardness, high gloss, low water absorption, strong dirt resistance, easy to clean, etc excellent characteristic.


Widely used in home decoration, modern commercial space, entertainment facilities,commercial office areas and other places, such as living rooms, bedrooms, offices, hotels, exhibition halls and so on. With its modern and fashionable design, the integration of the arts, elegant cultural characteristics.

Product Display

Customer's case of Rustic Ceramic Wood Tile


Before loading the wood tiles, we have QC to work test, including the glossiness, flatness, antifouling, water absorption, length, thickness, breaking strength and so on. To make sure all the tests are passed, all quality is good and qualified.

1.Excellent Firmness

2.An Accurate Measurement

3.Prolonged Antifouling Power

4.Low water Absorption Rate & Full Ceramic

5.Prefect Flatness


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