polished porcelain floor tile
polished porcelain floor tile

Polished porcelain floor tile features soothing soft dove gray tones in a subtle tonal pattern. Use them to beautiful floors, patios, pool decks, walkways, and other features throughout residential and commercial properties.

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Production Display of polished porcelain floor tile

Product Name Full polished polished ceramic floor tile
Items Number F66A021
Type Porcelain Tile
Size 600x600mm
Water Absorption <0.5%
Thickness 9.2-9.5mm
Uage Used in Floor/Wall
Certificate CE&ISO9001
MOQ 1 container
Payment terms L/C, T/T, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram,e-Checking etc
Delivery time 7-30days
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polished porcelain floor tile are made of porcelain clay that has been fired at high heat. glazed porcelain tile flooring are available in gloss, matt or semi-polished form. glazed porcelain tile flooring has a layer of glaze, which applied during the manufacturing process. This gives the decorative glazed tiles a high-gloss appearance. Such tiles have a shiny surface coating and they make the ideal option for walls and floors. Glossy tiles have a reflective surface and can brighten up a space. A glaze is a glass layer that is often added to ceramic tile porcelain tile. Apart from the aesthetic advantage, they are easy to clean. The glaze layer makes them non-absorbent in nature.



porcelain glazed tile flooring resist stains and water. They are hard-wearing, making them good for kitchen counter tops, bathrooms and other areas where scratch, stain and water resistance is a must.

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Size(mm) Thickness(mm) PCS/BOX M²/PCS KG/BOXES BOXES/PALLET            
300x600 9 8 1.44 25 48            
400x400 9 8 1.28 28 56            
500x500 9 4 1.44 27.5 36            
600x600 9 5 1.8 34 32            


Q: How long will a non glossy ceramic tiles last?

A: Simply put, a very long time. With proper installation and care, a cnon glossy ceramic tiles can last for many years. This is one advantage of tile over other materials. While cheap options might be appealing at the time, a quality porcelain or ceramic floor tiles will last much longer and be well worth it in the long run.


Q: Is porcelain or ceramic floor tiles a “green” product?

A: Since it’s made from natural ingredients like clay, sand, minerals, quartz and water, ceramic is considered a green material. Many types of glazed porcelain ceramic tiles are made with recycled content, too. glazed porcelain ceramic tiles can also lower your home’s energy footprint by storing heat, reducing consumption and increasing efficiency.

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