Private villa courtyard building swimming pool tiles
Private villa courtyard building swimming pool tiles
Private villa courtyard building swimming pool tiles
Private villa courtyard building swimming pool tiles

Private villa courtyard building swimming pool tiles

The building is designed as a yard connected to the swimming pool. This family is characterized by a family and yard, a pool blended with nature plants, emphasizing sustainability and innovation, azure mosaics, reflected in the sun's rays. Light, adding a variety of plants at the pool to create a dynamic, casual atmosphere, The combination of rules and free forms is a good transition between the clubhouse and the central courtyard, complementing the architectural style of the house.

Product Detail

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Product Overview

Item: Private villa courtyard building pool

Surface treatment: Glossy or matte

lose piece size:25x25mm

Cheep size:317x317mm



10 pieces equals 1 square meter

Installation:Net or paper

Weight1m2= 9.5KG (20.7 lbs)

Package:Neutral cartons packed with pallets.

Facility: We have glass furnaces, glass cutting machine, injet machine and with big cutting machine, polishing machine and water jet machine so on.

Material:We have a crystal glass, whole body glass, glazed glass, hot melt glass, and ceramic and stone/Marble materials, these materials can be used to decorate the pool bottom and the wall.

Dealle de empaque

Datos generales por ficha


Datos generales por hoja

Montadas en:Malla o papel


Junta entre fichas(mm):1.5

1 hoja equivale(㎡)0.1

Datos generales por metro cuadrado

1㎡ equivale(hojas):10


Estos datos son aproximados.

Para calculos exactos tome los datos delas cajas

(ya que el empaque puede variar a teaves del tiempo)


Detalles tecnicos

Descripcion Normas ANSI/ASTM** EN[EUROPEAN NORM*] Aprobadas
Variaciones en dimension ASTM C499 EN98:±1.2%
Variacion en espesor ASTM C499 EN98:±0.95%
Variacion en bordes ASTM C499 EN98:±1.0%
Propiedades Fisicas
Absorbcion del agua ASTM C373 EN 99
Resistencia a flexion ASTM C482  
Resistencia a quebrarse ASTM C648 EN 100:min27
Resistencia a cambios bruscos de temperatura ASTM C484 EN 104:requerida.


Resist.a resquebrajarse ASTM C424 EN 105
Resistencia a quimicos ASTM C350 EN 122:(Min.Class B) alkalinidad ASTM C350 EN 122 congelacion ASTM C1026 EN 202
Calidsd de Superficie
Curvatura al centro   EN98:±1.0%
Alabeo   EN98:±1.0%
Curvatura en orillas   EN98:±1.0%
Norma de derrape   DIN51130R9
Decoloracion   DIN51094

*Norma Europea(Normas establecldas dentro de la Union Europea).

**American National Standards institute/Amreican Society for Testing and Materials Standards(Normas establecidas dentro de los E.U.A.)

-Como toda industria ceramica en el mundo,existen variaciones de tonalidad y dimension,debido a inevitables variaciones tipicas del proceso de quema de los productos ceramicos.

Partidas de pro duccion distintas.

-La instalacion del mosaico significa la aceptacion del mismo.





Order Process:

1:Provide the size of the pool, confirm the materials, colors, patterns, specifications, etc. you need

2:Our designers will make an effect picture to confirm your opinion.After confirming the plan, we can provide the sample for free to confirm the quality.

3:After confirming all the details, we will give you a contract, then you need to pay a 30% deposit of the total amount, we will arrange production after receiving the deposit.

4:We will take a photo to confirm after the production of the goods is completed.

5:After the inspection is completed, we will pack the package and after receiving the balance, we will arrange the shipment.

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