side color glass block for outdoor wall
side color glass block for outdoor wall
side color glass block for outdoor wall
side color glass block for outdoor wall

Our company is specialized in the production of various specifications, shaped, glass bricks,colored glass blocks. This product is a kind of modern environmental-friendly building material, which is widely used in residential decoration. Since it landed in China in the 1990s, it has shown its non-pollution, no-radiation and other advantage.

Nowadays, it has been widely used in home-decoration, commercial places, office places and entertainment places. Its comprehensive functions of light transmission, heat preservation, sound insulation and anti-shock and fire resistance are beyond the reach of other materials.

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Colored glass blocks

solid glass block

Item: Colored glass blocks
Material: Glass
size: 190x190mm
Thickness: 80mm
Shipping: 5~10days lead time. By vessel,DHL/TNT/FedEx express, air freight etc.
Colour: Blue, purple, green, gray, brown, yellow, transparent, clear,white, etc.
Delivery & Service: Timely delivery each time. Provide reliable service . Provide construction suggestions and solutions. Our target is to satisfy every customer with the best service.
MOQ 1000piece
Package Standard cartons packing

6piece/cartons; 14KG/cartons;0.19CMB;




Interior and outside decoration, wall and floor.
H washing room, window, home, dinning room, sittingroom, toilet, balcony,

C ommercial space, bedroom

Project movie theater,disco,bar,club,hotel,library,showroom.ect

Glass block packaging & delivery

Delivery Detail: Within 15 days after received your deposit

Packaging Detail: Neutral package,6 pieces ine one carton, 1450 cartons in one continer





Package Details  

Total Weight


Dimensions of Box(mm) Capacity/20 FCL
190*190*80 Clear 380*252*196mm/6pcs 9000pcs/1450boxes 21600
190*190*80 Color 380*252*196mm/6pcs 9000pcs/1450boxes 21600
190*190*80 In-color 380*252*196mm/6pcs 9000pcs/1450boxes 21600
190*190*95 Clear 385*297*200mm/6pcs 7500pcs/1250boxes 21600
190*190*95 Color 385*297*200mm/6pcs 7500pcs/1250boxes 21600
240*240*80 Clear 416*242*246mm/5pcs 5000pcs/1000boxes 21600
Corner block Clear 470*235*200mm/8pcs 5000pcs/1000boxes 21600
End block Clear 385*252*196mm/6pcs 9000pcs/1450boxes 21600
Shoulder block Clear 385*252*196mm/6pcs 9000pcs/1450boxes 21600

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A: Fire performance

B:The refractory properties of hollow glass bricks are also quite excellent, with a fire rating of GB Class A and a fire endurance limit of more than 72 minutes.

Hollow glass bricks can not only meet the needs of high-grade decorative effects, but also achieve sufficient fireproof standards. When a fire occurs, the flames encounter hollow glass brick walls or partitions, and they just have to stop. Blocking the spread of fire, preventing the loss of materials, and bringing more opportunities for survival. Today, with the growing awareness of fire prevention, hollow glass bricks will be recognized and designed by more and more people.

Application note

  1. Hollow glass brick wall is suitable for non-load-bearing interior and exterior decorative walls of buildings. When used for exterior wall decoration of buildings, 95mm thick glass bricks are generally used. It can be used for 95mm and 80mm thickness when used for internal partitioning of buildings.

The 2.95mm thick hollow glass brick decorative exterior wall is suitable for areas with a height of 24m and below 24m and a basic wind load of 0.55kN/m2 and seismic fortification intensity of 7 degrees and below. For areas with a basic wind load greater than 0.55 kN/m2 and areas with seismic fortifications greater than 7 degrees, the control area of the glass brick wall shall be determined by individual calculations.

  1. Glass brick decorative wall, when used in the internal partition wall, the height of the house is not limited.
  2. Hollow glass brick walls are not suitable for industrial plants with high temperature furnaces and buildings with strong acid reducing media. They cannot be used as firewalls.

Glass brick matching materials

The supporting materials are ordinary Portland cement, cold drawn trapezoidal steel bar, elastic coating, cross plastic bracket, glass brick special expansion pad and M15 special cement mortar.


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