terraces porcelain floor tile
terraces porcelain floor tile

Terraces porcelain floor tile contains chemically stable inorganic crystallization material, its resistance to acidity and alkalinity, corrosion resistance is much better than natural stone, especially the weather resistance is more prominent, and is subject to long-term wind and sun. Will not fade, but will not reduce the intensity.

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Product Description

We are tile Manufacturer, majoring in producing the tile with different series.

We have gray floor tile size for 300x300mm 600X600mm and 800X800mm. We can supply marble tile, ceramic tile, polished tile, porcelain tile, floor tile, building material etc.

---High gloss with nano polished porcelain tile

---Water absorption: <0.5%

---Size:600X600mm ---Certificate: CE, ISO9001 etc.

---Function: Acid-resistant, antibacterial, non-slip, wear-resistant

---Usage area: Interior & exterior floor and walls, inside and outside, bedroom, hotels, schools, supermarkets

---Our product is with good quality and competitive price

Application of terraces porcelain floor tile

---The best choice for family, hotel, bathroom, kitchen etc.

---It's good for house flooring, super market, shopping mall, warehouse flooring, etc.

---Payment: 50% T/T as deposit +50% T/T before loading container, can be negotiable.

---Packing: Carton paper packing, and wooden pallet.

---Deliver time: 20 days after receiving 50% TT deposit.

---We have many different colors and different designs in this series.


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How to paving glazed tiles


Tiles need to ensure that the ground is 100% clean, so in advance, the site should be comprehensively cleaned.

2.Try paving

the whole glazed tiles should be tested on the ground, and the same pattern or directional tiles should be classified in advance to ensure formal tiling. It is to achieve the decorative effect.

3. leaving seams

In order to avoid the phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction caused by the weather, it is necessary to reserve 1mm to 2mm gray seam. In addition, the reserved gray seam can further ensure that the glazed tile is more beautifully laid.

4.the paving tiles

It will be officially paved after the solidification of the base is tight, and the whole glazed tiles should be lightly handled during the whole paving process to ensure the balance between the brick bottom and the veneer. To facilitate the discharge of bubbles. In addition, in order to avoid the occurrence of empty drums, you can use the shank to tap the brick surface for inspection.


After 1 hour of paving, it is necessary to wipe the residual organic glue patch on the surface of the glazed tile in time. Once it stays for too long, it is difficult to completely clean it.



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