Пенни коло метал плочице за кухињу бацкспласх / купатило, Брусхед Блацк нерђајућег челика Током порцелан зидни украс

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Penny round metal tile for kitchen backsplash / купатило, brushed silver stainless steel over porcelain wall decoration.Each individual circular tile is approximately 1 у. and features a high-sheen, uniform appearance in tone, brushed-metal finish.

Use non-sanded grout during installation to help prevent the tile from scratching. Mesh-mounted,making installation accurate and allows separation of tiles as needed,easy to DIY with scissors.For Premium quality metal tile square design,easy to install and great look for Kitchen backsplash/Bathroom shower wall countertop/Hotel hallway border wall/home residential and wall applications. Product is suitable for walls and residential use only.

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ставка Пенни коло метал плочице за кухињу бацкспласх / купатило, Brushed Silver Stainless Steel Over Porcelain Wall Годecoration
Број модела 5019-2
Материјал Stainless Steel Over Ceramic
породица боја сребро
Material grade 304
схеет сизе 300*300мм,
чип величине 25*25мм,
Завршно Brushed polished
дебљина 8мм,
Installation method Glue
МОК 72 м
ОЕМ / ОДМ прихватити
пакет Неутрални картони и дрвене палете за паковање


Interior wall decoration/home wall/Bedroom wall/Bathroom border wall&countertop/Kitchen backplash/Fireplace wall/Restaurant/ Hotel/Showroom/Cabinet/Pool swcoration/Spa tub surround wall decoration.

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  1. Are these tiles self-adhesive or you have to use glue

It is not self-adhesive tile. You need thin-set mortar to install these tiles.

  1. Can it be used on counterrop?

We wouldn’t recommend using this on a counter top. It probably wouldn’t ware well.

  1. Are these all the same color or are their variations between tiles?

They are all the same color. Sometimes it might look like there is a slight difference in tone which is a result of the light shimmering off them.

  1. This tile looks black but description states stainless steelis there a color or shade seller could use to best describe it?

Tile color is brushed polished stainless steel.The one-side is the shadow effect

  1. Can this tile be used on a shower floor?

This real copper tile would patina over time if left unprotected on a shower floor (or shower wall). The tile is appropriate to be used on walls, including backsplash, bathroom walls and tub surrounds.

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