Tile Installation And construction Methods

1.Tile shop need not need to stay

Ordinary edging wall tiles to stay 1-2mm, no wall tiles around the gap of about 3 mm, special effects can increase the retention gap. Xiang specifically see my company's product instructions. Lost seams are mainly due to the late wall and cement will have contraction and thermal expansion and contraction, if you do not leave cracks, easily lead to the mutual squeeze between the tiles caused by the explosion edge, even in severe cracks in the tiles, reducing the tile Service life.

2.Choice of caulking material

Caulking agent should choose the market has a certain reputation of the brand, to avoid unfriendly caulking materials affect the appearance and the use of effect; to warm the tile on the shop, especially ceramic tile, caulking prohibit the use of high strength, high hardness of the caulking material , Such as ceramic mud, porcelain plastic, etc., should be used flexible (have some flexibility) of the caulking material.

3.Ceramic tile need to be submerged

Water absorption less than 0.5% of the tiles (ceramic tiles): polished tiles, vitrified tiles, the whole body tiles, ceramic tiles, glaze throwing brick, because the brick is basically not absorbent, so no need to submerge when paving; other water absorption Product soaking time is generally more than 1 hour to ensure that the flooding is fully sufficient.