Tiles buying Skills

Currently in the tile production and processing industries have emerged in various types of tiles to meet the needs of different consumers, itself because the role of ceramic tiles in real life play a very obvious role, almost the decoration process will use the tiles, But also large-scale renovation, whether in the city or in rural areas compared to the annual sales of ceramic tiles in all types of tiles full cast glaze should be more special because it is based on the traditional use of polished tiles Surface glazing and then polishing the product, so that the role of enamel can be fully played out, the glaze is relatively smooth, while the color can also be very rich, to meet the needs of different consumers, environmental protection is also very good, so by consumers Favorite, in the general family life decoration, the price is more appropriate, compared to other types of ceramic tile cost is relatively high. Single on the life of a lot stronger than the traditional polished, of course, compared to other types of simple simple simple and elegant temperament so many consumers are very fond of.