Plastic swimming pool  tile grill
Plastic swimming pool  tile grill
Plastic swimming pool  tile grill
Plastic swimming pool  tile grill
Plastic swimming pool  tile grill
Plastic swimming pool  tile grill
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The swimming pool grille is a plastic cover for the drainage ditch around the swimming pool. It belongs to the swimming pool engineering accessories. It is also called grille, non-slip channel grille, swimming pool drain grille.

ABS swimming pool grille is molded with ABS modified engineering plastics. It has the characteristics of non-slip, good flexibility, corrosion resistance and anti-aging. It is widely used in the drainage cover of swimming pool, sauna, bath and other projects, especially suitable for barefoot. The occasion of walking.

Taipitopito hua Urupare inaianei

Plastic swimming pool tile grill



Tūemi: Plastic swimming pool grill
Te maimoatanga mata: Grain
rahinga: custom made
Mōkī: Ko nga kaata koretake kua whakakiia ki nga palleti.
Rauemi: Plastic

Used as a canal cover, it does not affect the drainage, but also prevents large debris from entering the drainage ditch.


The pool grille has a great contribution to keeping the ground clean and not accumulating water, preventing people from slipping.


Specialized in anti-ultraviolet components, the pool grille can achieve UV protection, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and fading.


High strength and good toughness.


The surface of the diamond pattern design, increased friction can play a non-slip effect.


Simple installation, unique excuse design, can be used when turning, the length can be arbitrarily spliced, and the size can be selected according to the width of the pool drain. Will the surface pattern be uncomfortable when stepped on?
The surface of the concave and convex anti-slip lines, barefoot stepping on it will not feel uncomfortable, but feel the role of a massage sole


How many specifications are there?How much is this?
Please click here, we have product details and price list

Catalogue of swimming pool tiles


Can I see samples?
We have a fantastic showroom at Foshan, China. If you can't get to our showroom, contact us to have samples sent it to your home.


How to install ?
The splicing is very simple, each grid has a unique interface design, as long as the alignment interface is connected and can be used.

The grille has one interface, two interfaces and three interfaces. You can choose according to your needs.



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