Crackle blue Ceramic Mosaic Tile for pool
Crackle blue Ceramic Mosaic Tile for pool
Crackle blue Ceramic Mosaic Tile for pool
Crackle blue Ceramic Mosaic Tile for pool
Crackle blue Ceramic Mosaic Tile for pool

This arabesque porcelain tile differs from ceramics both in style and functional purpose. It is stronger and wear-resistant (in fact, it boasts the highest PEI rating), along with the fact that it possesses a lower level of water absorption, to guarantee better overall performance in damp environments and low temperatures.

Hence, these arabesque porcelain mosaic pieces are a great choice for almost any humid areas, for public places with excessive mechanical loads as well as for outdoor usage.

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Crackle blue Ceramic Mosaic Tile

Product Overview

Item: Crackle blue Ceramic Mosaic Tile

Material: ceramic

Chip Size:48x48mm


Sheet Size:306x306mm

Availability: Made to Order

Surface treatment: Glossy, crackle, Ice


Edge Type: Straight

Style: Bohemian, Mediterranean

Applicable scene:Use for indoor or outdoor, residential floor and walls

Suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, showers and backsplashes, swimming pool...

Production time: (approx. 1-3 weeks).

Package:20piece/carton; 1.873m2/carton; 72carton/pallet.

6 capsules in 1 row, 6x6 rows equal to one tablet,10.68 pieces / square

Our advantage:

1.Water proof and never fade away!

2.Many sizes available, square shape sizes range from: 23x23mm; 25x25mm; 48x48mm; 75x75mm to 97x97mm,

3. Lose piece of100x100mm also available.







4.A large amount of colors to select, Black, white, beige, light gray, taupe, dark gray, sky blue, yellow, orange, red, dark green, brown, royal blue, fruit green, etc.

5.Family and pet-friendly; durable and stain-resistant


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Can your tile be used in a pool?

Yes, They are a kind of pool tiles and widely used in swimming pools.

What's the difference between Single Crackle surface and double Crackle surface?

Is Single Crackle surface and double Crackle surface the same price?

Not the same, the double crackle is higher, but we recommend double crackle with more color surface.

How to construct?

How do I clean/maintain my tile? What products are safe to use on handmade tile?

Sealing your tile and grout upon installation is a great way to create a durable surface for your tile. For cleaning, we like environmentally friendly, non-acidic, non-abrasive cleaners, with softer textured cloths or sponges.

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T/T/, Paypal, L/C, Money Gram, Western Union.

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