decorative frosted hollow glass blocks
decorative frosted hollow glass blocks
decorative frosted hollow glass blocks
decorative frosted hollow glass blocks
decorative frosted hollow glass blocks
decorative frosted hollow glass blocks

The translucentness of the decorative glass blocks is incomparable decorative materials.

The wall made of glass brick has high light-receiving property, and the glass brick can diffuse the light to make the room bright and comfortable, and solve the discomfort caused by direct sunlight. Sunlight can achieve secondary light transmission through the glass brick wall, and even three times of light transmission, greatly improving the indoor light environment level.

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decorative glass blocks

Glass block packaging & delivery

Packaging Detail: Neutral package,6 pieces ine one carton, 1450 cartons in one continer

Delivery Detail: Within 15 days after received your deposit





Package Details  

Total Weight


Dimensions of Box(mm) Capacity/20 FCL
190*190*80 Clear 380*252*196mm/6pcs 9000pcs/1450boxes 21600
190*190*80 Color 380*252*196mm/6pcs 9000pcs/1450boxes 21600
190*190*80 In-color 380*252*196mm/6pcs 9000pcs/1450boxes 21600
190*190*95 Clear 385*297*200mm/6pcs 7500pcs/1250boxes 21600
190*190*95 Color 385*297*200mm/6pcs 7500pcs/1250boxes 21600
240*240*80 Clear 416*242*246mm/5pcs 5000pcs/1000boxes 21600
Corner block Clear 470*235*200mm/8pcs 5000pcs/1000boxes 21600
End block Clear 385*252*196mm/6pcs 9000pcs/1450boxes 21600
Shoulder block Clear 385*252*196mm/6pcs 9000pcs/1450boxes 21600

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1.fire-resistant:high thermal resistance,single glass block wall has the same fire resistant effect as fireproof door type B.

2.energy-saving:heat insulation,low conduction of heat.

3.frost-resistant,moist insulation.

4.safety:high intensity.

5.wonderful decoration effect:splendid or elegant or majestic or as you can imagine.

Series:clear sereis,full color series,side-colored series,acid series,in-colored series.








A:Features and applications?


size Features and applications
L(mm) W(mm) thick(mm)
190 190 80 Appropriate size, wide and medium, can cater to the general needs, is a common brick for various walls, partitions, and other buildings. It is a conventional glass brick with relatively full color and is widely used at home and abroad.
240 240 80 The unit area is relatively large, and it is easy to maintain the overall effect of the wall surface. It is simple and simple, and it is elegant and far-sighted. It is especially suitable for large-area wall and partition masonry, especially in combination with other specifications.
190 190 95 Heavy, sturdy, durable, medium-sized, safe and reliable, suitable for all kinds of exposed fences, supporting exterior walls of buildings, and other isolation walls. Garden villas, residential upper areas, and exterior walls of public buildings mostly like it. .
145 145 95(80) Exquisite and beautiful, it is suitable for use in the walls of high-end business and office areas. It is the most popular wall material in foreign countries (especially in Japan).
115 115 80 The pocket version of the glass brick, from the KST, is used with 240*240*80mm glass bricks. The combination is flexible and the effect is outstanding.

how to install?

Safety First
A wall of glass blocks is heavy, so it's important to check that the floor below can take the weight - especially if you're building on a suspended wooden floor. If you're in any doubt, get some professional advice before you start your project.

Step 1

Nail an expansion strip to the sides of the frame at intervals, stop just short of the bottom of the frame so you can fit a spacer in. Then mix the mortar until it's smooth and lay a bed of it on the bottom of the frame (the sill). Use enough mortar to give you a 10mm joint when your blocks are in place.

Step 2

Starting at one corner, place an L-shaped spacer against the frame and a T-shaped spacer to support the other end of the block (use one of the blocks to mark out the right position).

Step 3

Lay the first block in the corner and bed it down firmly onto the spacers.

Step 4

Put the next T-shaped spacer in place, and add enough mortar to the side of the second block to fill the cavity between the blocks. Then sit the second block on the spacers and push it against the first block, making sure it fits snugly on the spacers.

Step 5

Carry on until the first row is complete - checking from time to time with a spirit level to make sure it's straight. Put mortar on top of the first row and bed in full spacers between the blocks. You're now ready to lay the second row!

Step 6

Use a craft knife to cut the expansion strip level with the second row of blocks.

Step 7

Lift the expansion strip and screw a panel anchor to the side of the frame at either end of the row. Then drop the strip back over the vertical arm of the anchor. Its horizontal arm should fit over the block and the spacers - cover it with mortar and continue laying the blocks.

Step 8

Clean the face of the blocks with a damp sponge from time to time as you work.

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