Backyard swimming pool tiles
Backyard swimming pool tiles
Backyard swimming pool tiles
Backyard swimming pool tiles
Backyard swimming pool tiles
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Backyard swimming pool tiles



Item: ceramic swimming pool floor tiles
Surface treatment: Glossy or matte
lose piece size: 48x48mm
Cheep size: 306x306mm
Thickness: 6mm
Gap:1 1.5MM(10.68 pieces equals 1 square meter)
Installation: Net or paper
Weight: 1m2= 10KG (22 lbs)
Package: Neutral cartons packed with pallets.
20 pieces / carton, 1.873 square / box, 21.5KG / carton.

The surface of the ceramic mosaic is a glazed surface with a variety of expressions.

Solid color glaze cost-effective, affordable, long service life.

Crystal glaze ceramic mosaic is generally used in resorts, hotel swimming pools, villa swimming pools, color lines are varied, there are lightning lines, water ripples, etc. After the paving, the texture is rich and durable.

The ice crack ceramic mosaic pattern has a crack effect, as if the water in the pool has collided with the mosaic, the glazed surface is intact and crystal clear, and the underglaze has a crack effect.

The whole body ceramic mosaic brick body is covered with rich colors, matt has a non-slip effect.We mainly produce and sell sports standard swimming pool bricks, swimming pool mosaics of various specifications, swimming pool anti-skid bricks, villa swimming pool bricks, swimming pool special tile adhesive / caulking agent and other pool products.

Widely used in residential community pools, villa pools, building pools, baby pools, school swimming pools.

Spa pool, hotel pool, leisure pool and clubhouse pool, spa pool spa pool.

Standard competition pool, training pool, international competition venue, citizen fitness swimming pool, corporate sports center.

Water park, water park, surfing pool and other places.

Pool mosaic specifications:
There are many kinds of swimming pool mosaics, the specifications are divided into 10x10mm, 23x23mm, 25x25mm, 48x48mm, 73x73mm, 100x100mm for the main conventional specifications, and other personalized shaped swimming pool mosaics can be customized.

For the size of the pool mosaic, it is necessary to choose the mosaic specs to buy and paste to show the match between the pool and the pool mosaic and to see if it is a shaped pool. The turning line is relatively large, so we should choose some smaller mosaics to lay the entire pool. One kind

10x10, 23x23, 25x25 swimming pool mosaic, suitable for some shaped swimming pools below 300 square meters, hotel pool, children's pool, villa pool, hot spring pool, aquarium, real estate community pool, club, holiday pool, etc. One kind

48x48, 73x73 pool mosaic, suitable for a wider range of hotel pools, children's pools, villa pools, spa pools, fish ponds, real estate community pools, clubs, resort pools, water parks. One kind

100x100 pool mosaic, villa pool, hotel pool, residential pool, etc.

The size of the pool mosaic does not always maintain the true size of the finished product. There is an error in the size, because the smaller the particle size, the existing domestic production technology does not have a good solution for size preservation. Therefore, countries with the wrong size are allowed to be within the range of (+0.1). It is also within the normal range.


Why choose ceramic mosaic?
Pool mosaics require a higher material quality. Do not break due to a light impact, so pay attention to the hardness of the mosaic tile when purchasing. Not only is the hardness better, but it also requires a certain degree of toughness. This will not be easy to break, and will not crack after paving.

The ceramic mosaic is fired at a high temperature of 1200 °C, with a high degree of porcelain and high hardness. The ceramic mosaic surface has a layer of crystal glaze that increases the flexibility of the ceramic mosaic. In addition, the porcelain mosaic also absorbs a small amount of water, making the ceramic mosaic more flexible.



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